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  1. It's nowhere near some of the great short movies and docu stuff you guys post here but I thought I might as well share what we're currently working on. We started Instagram-ing food photography themed stuff in 2015 with the focus that it's actually edible food (not "styled" food), a lot of booze and some traveling in between. At some point we got the idea that we also might start making clips for Instagram, especially now that you're not bound to the 15 second limit anymore. We've just now started to fill a back log of articles with he recipes for the stuff into an own website and will also create more and more moving stuff which we put on YT, also longer and more informative. Actually I would really appreciate constructive feedback. I know there's jello on some of the handheld shots (NX1 + A6300), I'm looking for better camera stabilization for the future to fix that. Also still working on better text overlays/lower thirds but I'm only using Resolve at the moment and it seems that you need AfterEffects/Fusion for that or some expensive plugin like BCC.
  2. This video, for the band Aloosh, is currently unlisted, but I thought I'd come and give you guys a sneak preview as this is my favorite online hangout ;)   All shot in Snowdonia using FS700, there's a lot of tasty treats getting made and broken in sloooooooow motion here....   [url="http://youtu.be/cuMjew8TbnE"]http://youtu.be/cuMjew8TbnE[/url]   You can watch part one here if you've not seen it already:   [url="http://youtu.be/PNGquFXmLOU"]http://youtu.be/PNGquFXmLOU[/url]   The band's album can be heard at www.aloosh.co.uk if you're interested...   JG
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