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  1. I am curious why none have discussed the GH4 B&H Webcast, which I thought was pretty interesting, highlighting a few things that were either in doubt, or were things that users thought, needed to be addressed: 1. Most people recording 96fps on the GH4, found the video rather soft. Panasonic (Matt Frazer) explained that one must set the shutter speed to 1/200, so that they get the right kind of sharpness for the image. 2. In the GH3, people could switch between the Shotgun and Stereo mic pickup pattern (on the Panasonic DMW-MS2), and, apparently, now, in the GH4, even the angle of pick up, for the shotgun can be adjusted, making it narrower or wider. And, also, apparently, it can be set, to self-adjust with a zoom lens, depending upon the amount of zoom employed. I think, on paper atleast, this feature seems amazing. 3. Also, there was a reporting of noise by many people, saying, that, there was a strange buzzing noise, coming from the GH4, at all settings. Panasonic explained this in the Live Webcast, saying, that this was due to the fact, that most plus in 3.5mm jack mics are not grounding out correctly, which is apparently due to the Tip, Ring, Ring, Sleeve Adaptor on Panasonic Mics vs Tip, Ring, Sleeve Adaptor on most other mics. They explained, that they understood that the mics are not grounding properly, and their engineers are working to resolve this issue now. Did anyone else notice anything else extra, which wasn't already discussed, about the GH4.
  2. People of the world. Have you been able to locate a Pocket Cinema Camera or Blackmagic 4K Production Model? Has your dealer been weeping on your shoulder recently? Do you know something we don't?   :)   This is the place for all Blackmagic camera related shipping news.
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