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  1. [b]Dear Andrew, Dear All,[/b] I am one of these fans visiting EOSHD.com every day, a couple of times and checking every update. So finally after purchasing my GH2 I decided to register to the EOSHD forum. Just finished university and now have some time to film with my brand new GH2. I am living in Germany and bought my GH2 from a Germany onlineshop. The serial number starts with WE1HA. Now as I have rad the EOSHD GH2 shooters guide and went out filming I discovered one really sad GH2 bug which I found out is well known. The horizontal darker line ind footage shot over ISO1000 and underex
  2. Hi guys, writer/director here working on getting my first feature up and running. I entered this comp with only 9 hours before the deadline, primarily, as when I saw the judges, I knew it was real people who make and live cinema and not funding bodies and other lack of film education types, who were going to see them. I shot it on the GH2 to test what I have always believed in, which is, that when it comes to any kind of artistic or creative expression, it is what you have to say and not what you say it on or with that counts, and nothing else, and I knew others had made full blown producti
  3. So I'm thinking of getting a GH2. I've used canon stuff in the past, but the GH2 seems to be so much better in terms of what I can do with it. So, here's what I'm thinking: GH2 - [url="http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/736343-REG/Panasonic_DMC_GH2K_Lumix_DMC_GH2_Digital_Camera.html"]$750[/url] 50mm FD 1.4 ssc - Ebay/$166 FD Adapter - [url="http://www.ebay.com/itm/Canon-FD-FL-to-AF101-AF100-G2-G3-GF3-E-PL3-GH2-E-P3-micro-4-3-adapter-/251021722531?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3a720f83a3#ht_3685wt_1410"]$51[/url] 32GB SD Card - [url="http://www.bhph
  4. Hi i just bought the panasonic gh2 and I'm about to buy a voigtlander nokton lens.. just wondering which would be better - voigtlander nokton 25mm or voigtlander nokton 17.5mm? i would be using it primarily for video.. i understand the 17.5mm has clickless aperture ring but it's easier to focus in 25mm? any advice welcome!
  5. This lens in combo with & without telecrop mode covers the whole spectrum from macro to 1040mm! B&H had on sale for $199. "It's all a Blur to Me" [url="https://vimeo.com/45382238"]https://vimeo.com/45382238[/url]
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