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  1. You are quite right! Phew! Thanks
  2. Yes, it is only visible when you crop in a lot. I did this on my computer and zoomed in all the way on Windows Photos app. I've tried various SD cards including a V90, but all have the same line, though it is not always in the same place. It is most easy to see when the image is busy - ie branches and such-like. It is mostly vertical, though in the example I posted, near the bottom where the flower is, you can see it horizontally too.
  3. Transition Lines Artefact in S5 Stills I was wondering if anyone else has this curious issue. I zoomed in to some stills I had taken and found what seems to look like stitching or a transition line in my photos. I've never seen this on my GH5, so I'm wondering if this is caused by the bigger sensor - perhaps the processor does not cope? I downloaded some raw files from a review site of the S5 and found the same issue. Here is a zoom in from my own photo:
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