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  1. The quality of movement in cinema (film) is formed by these characteristics: Global shutter with smooth in-out Projection Speed 1: 1 (not pull down) Acceptable number of frames (I think 24 is the minimum acceptable. No one creates wine tasting arguments to defend 20fps) 24p and 1/48 expose are standards for projectionists, camera manufacturers and filmmakers to talk each other. If the standard was 30p it would be a little better, but with higher costs for film, development, print, copies ... In digital, global shutter is possible, and solves movement much better
  2. I see that too. A mantra, repeating what they heard. Cinema Look Pull Down 3: 2. I also disagree with the dogma 1/48 shutter expose. I understand the 180o shutter for the rotating reflex camera, but today it is no longer necessary, the blur drag is not too bad compared to what it offers in quality of movement, not to mention increased exposure, when necessary.
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