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  1. Very well said. Thank you. What is interesting is the journey. And how it informs and expresses itself as we develop. A healthy moral compass in parallel. It's clear that it takes a lot of ambition to put oneself out there like our man Christian... let's wish him well in using his work as a vehicle for introspection and process. That seems decent enough. Oscar Wild has a quote I quite like... 'consistency is the refuge of the unimaginative.'
  2. C - roll? I wonder if he is down at the patent office as I write this.
  3. Nice post Kai. Of course I also love to roll through old material of the way things were. Often it does have value. But (as we know) there is a profound sickness (narcissism?) unfolding in and around the need to capture (archive) our lives. I guess it comes down to intention. If it's mindless vacant crap done to stroke the ego via social media, then I balk. But this is larger than just me, so who am I to say... and I do understand the underlying need to connect which is human enough. But then, it becomes about 'what' is being shared. And then of course, there is the 'profitibility' side of things which is a huge loaded gun... as our biosphere heaves and groans. I actually feel sorry for the guy in the clip. There literally tens of thousands of these guys who all look the same, sound the same though they see themselves as unique and special. If it were up to me, I would send him to live with the Papuans for a decade to unlearn what he has. And of course... no camera allowed. But that's no answer either
  4. Thanks again @independent I'll take a look at the 15-35.
  5. Thanks! Can I ask what lenses you are using and how do you like them?
  6. Hello EOS forum members. I haven't been able to find much online info on how well the adapted EF lenses work on the R5. Does anyone here have any first hand experience?
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