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  1. Panasonic is fantastic, but can't do 8k raw for FX/greenscreen. I use various : Arri, Sony, RED, Panasonic, Blackmagic, Canon... Horses for courses. Of course, if someone's workflow imposes only one camera, it's his/her choice of the model, depending on the job. We are lucky to have so many options
  2. R5 does not overheat in the standard Hollywood 4k/24. You can leave it on "record" for as long as your storage/PS last. The picture quality is somewhat better that gopro. In either case, we are not talking "A" cameras here.
  3. All Hollywood producers here. Chapeau bas. Here's some movies using gopros, David Cronenberg, Ridley Scott, Steven Soderbergh... (Netflix too: "Face 2 Face", all camerawork). https://filmdaily.co/obsessions/best-movies-made-with-gopros
  4. Seriously now. When you really shoot in the arctic you need professionals to help you, also with the choice of gear. Eg. this company (no connection) is highly recommended. https://arctickingdom.com/arctic-film/
  5. "I'm looking forward to all these arctic based movies." That was a special joke for the drama production pros. Glad you got it. Some "Terror" arctic scenes (the final eps) were shot in Croatia in scorching heat. The takes lasted under a minute, the breakes up to an hour.
  6. R5 will be a great hit with Hollywood productions. A perfect companion camera to Arri or Red, costing a fraction, weighing nothing (drones). The IBIS replaces the steadicam, the F2 / 28-70 is like a set of top primes. In the standard 4k/24, R5 records for hours. When FX/greenscreen is needed- 8k raw kicks in. Overheating? The length of the average take is 1-2 minutes. The breaks between takes can be really long. You need to sacrifice a camera? Ridiculos cheap. Need 10-20 units for the big battle, fights, crashes, explosions or chases? - no problem. SloMo - check. Arctic shooting - love it. Ergonomics - check. Cinema verite onobtrusivness - check. Run-and gun - check. Etc, etc etc.
  7. Dan Watson repeated his A7s3 vs R5 overheat test (4k/60) and again Sony wins in cool indoors and loses to Canon in Florida sun.
  8. https://petapixel.com/2020/07/27/canon-patents-eos-r-lens-adapter-with-active-cooling-built-in/
  9. That's the complete test of 7As3 vs R5. The info about Sony bricking and destroying media is in the comments, the author did not want to sound alarms before checking with Sony. RAW for FX9 is not free. Nothing is in Pro Sonyland.
  10. "Cinema Line" of any camera manufacturer is not only about picture quality. It's also about reliability, workflow standards, service reaction time... FX9 is at the bottom of Sony cinema line, a one-man-show camera. But it borrows the 6k sensor from the top Venice and the lens mount is cinema modified. That alone might cost more than A7s. It also has unique functions like electronic auto ND filter. In October it will get firmware 2.0 and RAW hardware. A7s bricked on one tester when he put the overheating control option to "off". The media were destroyed. Why would Sony even enable such a function? Will they remove it after some productions lose their media? Fortunately Canon R5 does not allow to shoot past the danger point.
  11. The R5 overheating is a humbug. Canon used the 8k spec as a marketing ploy to create hype. It worked. In fact R5 is an excellent photo camera with some amazing hybrid video capabilities. 4k/30 has no thermal limitations on R5. 8k will be used in pro environments for FX, reframing , compositing. Same as 4k was used for 2k DCI. In drama productions, the takes do not last 20 minutes. Not even 10. And typically there is always a spare camera on set. Or two, or more. Any users in need of long takes in 4k with above standard film frame rates will be better off with Sony a7s iii , which takes only 12 mpix photos. Horses for courses. PS. I'll have my R5 delivered mid-August.
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