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  1. Thanks for the responses. I'm also concerned with the resampling from 6K to 4K. I know that is not optimal, but how much of an issue is it in real world situations? I have the original pocket and the fact that the sensor is 1920 x 1080 and it shoots 1920 x 1080 makes for a remarkably clean image. The Pocket 4K and Pocket 6K have this "feature", but the bloated size of the new pockets (compared to the original) is a major issue for me. The FP's form factor is great and the full frame sensor is not such a bad thing. However, I'm interested in FP owners' comments on how the 6K to 4K resampl
  2. Hello: I'm considering the Sigma FP for cinema work (just a hobbyist; also considering the Pocket 4K and 6K). Among other things, I'm concerned about whether my computer can handle it. Could others that are processing 12 bit cDNG files tell me how performance is with Resolve and what your computer specs are? Thanks!
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