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  1. I would say it isn't. OFF changes the color matrix in the DNG to sRGB while all other modes retain the camera native RGB color space. The other color modes have no effect of any kind in raw but OFF changes the DNG metadata which then affects the color in Resolve, for example.
  2. Just to keep everyone updated. I heard back from the guy and he said there will be a kit you'd install yourself (with instructions). No info on when (said soon) or at what price...
  3. Oh absolutely, that's probably the main reason why they didn't do it. It simplifies construction and testing, and reduces RMA.
  4. September 15 says the page now is when the modifications for the flip screen would start (link in the first post). I'll send him email and ask if it could be provided as a kit instead...
  5. Great interview! Thinking video mainly here... I think Sigma is in a great position compared other Japanese camera manufacturers, and that's because they don't have to protect some pro cinema camera line up like Sony, Canon and Panasonic needs to. These companies will always hamper their consumer cameras in some ways in order to not cannibalize the pro line up. Sigma has no such problem. If they can do it technically, they could create a consumer/prosumer cinema (hybrid) camera that rivals the highest end cinema cameras and not think twice about it, and possibly disrupt both the pro and consumer market segments. If they can, they should. In my opinion they shouldn't concentrate on the resolution game, 8K, whatever. That's not important in vast majority of applications. And in those applications where you need 8K or 12K there's cameras that can do that now. The most important thing to concentrate still is the dynamic range and that's where Sigma's focus should be. I take higher dynamic range over higher resolution any day of the week. 4K is plenty, but the dynamic range of Sigma FP isn't. It's good, but it should be better. Foveon sensor cinema camera would be nice to have (at least as a technology demo), but it's probably not going to happen any time soon, if ever. If need be they should use the sensor know-how they have in-house and develop their own high end CMOS sensor (again concentrating on dynamic range and color more than resolution). But why am I saying they should do consumer/prosumer cinema camera and not a high end expensive pro cinema camera? Because as a market, it sucks. I greatly doubt anyone is going to get rich by selling pro cinema cameras because volumes are so low, not to mention the whole rental house game. Sigma already knows this from their cinema lenses. That market sucks too, but it was a no-brainer to enter since they had the lenses already. The money is in the consumer/prosumer market and that's why Sigma is in great position, because they don't have to worry about existing pro line up. They can create whatever they want as long as it's technically possible and doesn't get too expensive. Oh, and the next camera needs to have OLPF. Need that for video.
  6. They make one also for BMCC: https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=2013.1.w4023-17359871412.8.cb482146xBbRXH&id=596198065786 And seem to accept overseas buyers as well according to translation.
  7. It looks great. It looks OEM. Can't really figure out why Sigma didn't do this. Can't imagine it would've been that much more expensive or more complicated.
  8. It''s Yuan I believe, not Yen.
  9. Kit would be really nice. Maybe we can try and contact the source and ask to make a kit version also. I would imagine removing the screen is the trickiest part as it's probably glued, so it needs heating and suction cupping/prying. After that it's probably quite straightforward. But I have no idea. Here's a link to FP teardown: https://www.filmaker.cn/thread-113294-1-1.html?fbclid=IwAR09XfPp7o4Fygmqqp5ba5TPBoSmkg6JFnYkTkObvb5scDXHaHYSEXcxb8U The screen assembly and the back of the camera removed. Hopefully only the screen needs removing with the mod.
  10. And here we go finally: https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=623177837309 Translated: https://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?depth=1&pto=aue&rurl=translate.google.com&sl=auto&sp=nmt4&tl=en&u=https://item.taobao.com/item.htm%3Fid%3D623177837309&usg=ALkJrhgP-20-3JkCTJAzNEuR90UeUc7jUw
  11. It is interesting to see from the ISO dynamic range chart that Sigma decided to rate this camera as ISO 100, which I feel is very much a "photography" thing to do rather than cinema approach where the more appropriate rating, perhaps, would've been ISO 800 or even higher like ISO 1000, to get that 18% grey into the middle range. But it's great they released that chart so we have this info now.
  12. This is what we know about the effect of color mode None from the firmware 2.0 video: Also the following is good info to keep in the back of ones head:
  13. This is another thing that Sigma can easily fix in firmware. As it stands currently the waveform is not very useful. I would go as far as to call it buggy. it just doesn't work correctly, but should be easily fixable with firmware upgrade. It's just a math problem in software.
  14. No, we were talking about the MOV h.264 output, not raw. Raw should match Rec.2020 almost perfectly as you mentioned.
  15. Agreed, having Rec.2020 baked into the MOV would solve the problem. Some users might have still found the camera a bit more appealing with a log/flat profile in 10-bit MOVs even if it's in Rec.709. (spec-wise at least). But Sigma is redeemed of course with the 12-bit raw.
  16. The statement from Sigma wrt. firmware 2.0 that Log is not possible in Sigma FP platform is really confusing because we know that it *can* apply curves to the raw signal from the sensor. That’s what all those different color modes are, just a curve. A perfectly fine way of implementing Log (or just a really flat) mode is to just apply a logarithmic curve. We know from Pawel Achtel, ACS, test (https://www.sigma-forums.com/forum/photography-discussions/photo-talk/174-deepdive-with-pawel-achtel-acs?p=175#post175) that Sigma FP has really wide color gamut, matching the entire gamut of Rec.2020. So applying a log curve over that gamut would give a really great range suited for preserving both the dynamic range and the tonalities. So is Sigma really saying that they can’t add a new mode, or are they saying that they can’t even replace or modify an existing mode? This is relevant of course only when you shoot MOV. If you shoot 12-bit raw then lack of log is not an issue. We have the whole raw 12 bits per pixel data available and that wide gamut can be fitted to whatever color space we want. A simple color space transform (LUT) will do. But it can be an issue with MOV. So as long as they could apply that curve for the signal before it gets crushed for Rec.709 or whatever, it would work great. Sigma, please, more information needed what’s the actual reason for the “we can’t do Log”. Users aren’t asking for more dynamic range from the sensor. Just to preserve the dynamic range (and tonalities) it already has. Maybe they read this, maybe not… Maybe Andrew can ask Sigma directly?
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