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  1. the thing is if we knew and expect it overheat. then ok lets go with that and work with it. as sony camera was famous for. but then the recovery time... and then we find out how really warm it get and not to mention all this hack to bypass the "heat problem".. The "why, because and reason"  of "overheat" just smell shady!

    would you guess this is pure based on to protect cine line? i also remember someone mention a firmware upgrade to extend the record time.. so "heat problem" can just be "mended/fix" with update like that. would also be interesting to see how much more they give us and you should also test out more when that firmware comes out. 

  2. i used to study and live in japan and yeah know the system etc how it work. just sad they choiced this way instead make it a super camera. they could like i would say steal the thunder with it. In a positive side. it seems they have a capable good sensor catching up on DR and the temp seems very impressive to be honest. Bad side is all this Cripple stuff and artificial blocks their way of doing stuff. i have a hard time buying anything from them because of this and what i read. I was in looking for camera and lens. r5 and canon was in sight. went with sony instead. I know sony also have shady stuff too, but the product "work". i need to know it work and not fail on me or play Russian roulette.

  3. 12 minutes ago, Geoff CB said:

    You loose color information in log images in 8-bit codecs. The more DR here you are trying to accomplish the worse it will look. S log2 is really the limit for 8-bit and even then sometimes that's pushing it.

    thanks for the explanation 🙂

  4. 5 hours ago, Hangs4Fun said:

    I'm willing to bet the A7IV (and any new A7 from here out), is going to finally have 4:2:2 10bit.  So starting with the A7SIII and forward, S-Log3 should be usable.  Keep in mind if you publish to YouTube or somewhere similar, you can still get banding because YouTube and others are 4:2:0 8bit and have high compression.  You would need to start using Vimeo or similar solution to keep from having the end consumption showing banding.

    Case in point, almost every A7SIII outdoor example footage, if you look at the sky, you can see really bad banding.  This isn't from the A7SIII, it is from YouTube and it's 4:2:0 8bit.

    So, you may have high DR AND 4:2:2 10bit colors and S-Log3 let you squeeze as much DR out of your A7SIII, A7IV, etc as possible, but in the end if it is consumed on 4:2:0 8bit with high compression streamed to a smart phone, it can negate much of your hard work.

    If you don't mind banding in your A7III 4:2:0 8bit, S-Log3 can help a little, but again, don't forget about where it is going to be consumed.

    so slog3 more DR than slog2 ? and wish we could turn off the internal NR of a7s3

  5. 13 hours ago, PaulUsher said:

    Revealed: rolling shutter/IBIS issue

    He claims/thinks the warp is a result of being at 15mm with IBIS, but it’s not. It happens when he zooms in too

    I think this is the IBIS wrestling with the rolling shutter. Very similar to the warp on 1DXIII and EOSR when their DIS fights the RS. I’ve been struggling with similar issue on R for months

    2 minute mark onwards:


    i though they had this lens and ibis work together thingy?

  6. 44 minutes ago, SteveV4D said:

    There is a crop, a small one for 4K.  More due to cropping from DCI to UHD, which resolution is limited to.

    Rolling shutter isn’t known, but maybe comparable to the 1DX Mark III.  That was poor for 4K 30p I recall seeing, but better for 60p, though that lacked AF, so hard to say where the R6 stands.

    Overheating is likely an issue, how bad, we don't know.   Maybe, this is the only real issue with the R6 compared to the X-T4.  

    Best wait till its released, and those who have it can advise exactly where it stands.  Its mostly just specultation at the moment.


    around 1:33 mark for rolling shutter

  7. 6 minutes ago, Coiii said:

    I'm not sure if cinema raw light has any special property for "cinema" content. I always thought that it was called "Cinema Raw Light" just because it's a "compressed light weight" raw for the cinema cameras... And since Canon it's less compressed should be better right?

    It's just speculation because I don't have more info about any special capability of cinema raw light.

    cinemea light raw should compress file by 1/3 or 1/5. according to what i understand. there is some compression, but not as good as raw light. this seems like more in the "big size way" raw

  8. Sounds like the R5 has a 8k shooting limit of 20mins to cool down the camera and about 35 mins limit when recording in 4K60p. The 35 mins in 4k60p is if the recording started again right after the intitial 29:59 mins recording. The camera also has function that will automatically lowers the video resolution and frame rate if the camera heats up above certain temperature. Not sure if there is an option to stop recording instead of lowering the resolution and frame rate automatically


    18 minutes ago, Coiii said:

    I want that reviews now! It's too much to expect something equal or close to the C200 raw light right? 

    Seems like canon raw only. no cinema raw light 😕 i guess that's their way of not eat into cine department ?

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