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  1. Before too many people get overly hyped on the redesign, consider that they introduce a new lens mount.... then you would have to buy all new glass! Either way, it's cool to see new tech coming out, but it's unbelievable how excited people get about 8k. This to me is pointless. I have the S1h and am soooo happy with it, because it has all the functions you need for video. Like for real. It makes everything so seamless and smooth when shooting. I think if camera companies want to really entice videographers, focus more on really important features like more dynamic range, better tools for exposing correctly (waveform/false colors), better button customization, and so on. But no, these companies really just seem to focus on resolution and people eat it up. Remember how much you want that 8k raw when you buy your C-fast cards.... whoa boyyy that's a lot of storage you'll need, and C-fast cards aren't cheap! I think 2020 will be a great year for tech, and I'm looking forward to seeing the footage from both of these cameras regardless. Thanks for the info!
  2. Andrew Reid, What ever happened to the Panasonic news that was suppose to happen in a few days back in April? That's one of the main reasons I read through this forum LOL. Seriously though, did I miss it? Thanks man!
  3. I am running into this issue now as well. Mostly on indoor product shoots. I first noticed when I was using the Loawa Probe lens, and I thought it might have just been the lens (needs a huge amount of light). But alas, this is a continuing problem. And this is a problem! This is very frustrating. Anyone heard any new info on this? I've invested a ton in the Z series, and if they don't fix this I will need to trade in for the S1h. This is unacceptable and makes the footage unusable.
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