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  1. In Slog it works fine using HDR on Atomos. Do you know why?
  2. Tu es français? Si je veux record en hlg il faut que j utilises Davinci pour que je puisse gérer le hdr?
  3. Ok thank for the answer! Gonna try with slog 2 or 3 and see if there isn't banding during color grading. Hot? what do you mean?
  4. First thanks a lot for answering! Do you mean record the cilps without HDR metadata on the Atomos or in premiere? If it s premiere how do you change that? In Fcpx it s easy but can't find the right way to do it in premiere.
  5. Hi everyone, Maybe @Androidlad you ll be able to answer. I have the Sony A7III and the Atomos Ninja V. I made a test this afternoon and I can't figure out what it's happening. I set my Sony in hlg3 picture profile. I record first internally, then I record with the Atomos ( Atomos without matching camera and hlg) and get the same result. Then I switch the Atomos in HDR input and switch CAMERA OUTPUT to the correct brand Sony the Correct Gamma HLG and correct gamut BT2020. I let the monitoring gamma to native and the record was the same as the 2 first
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