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  1. In Slog it works fine using HDR on Atomos. Do you know why?
  2. Tu es français? Si je veux record en hlg il faut que j utilises Davinci pour que je puisse gérer le hdr?
  3. Ok thank for the answer! Gonna try with slog 2 or 3 and see if there isn't banding during color grading. Hot? what do you mean?
  4. First thanks a lot for answering! Do you mean record the cilps without HDR metadata on the Atomos or in premiere? If it s premiere how do you change that? In Fcpx it s easy but can't find the right way to do it in premiere.
  5. Hi everyone, Maybe @Androidlad you ll be able to answer. I have the Sony A7III and the Atomos Ninja V. I made a test this afternoon and I can't figure out what it's happening. I set my Sony in hlg3 picture profile. I record first internally, then I record with the Atomos ( Atomos without matching camera and hlg) and get the same result. Then I switch the Atomos in HDR input and switch CAMERA OUTPUT to the correct brand Sony the Correct Gamma HLG and correct gamut BT2020. I let the monitoring gamma to native and the record was the same as the 2 first record. I tried with the monitoring gamma on rec709, HLG and PQ and you can see on screenshot that the highlights are blown out. The camera setting never change and the EV was set to 0.0. All the screenshots are from my timeline in premiere pro. I'd like to know what I'm doing wrong?? PS: I'm unable to put the screenshoots in the right order. The 3 pictures with blown out highlights are those with monitoring gamma set to rec709, HLG and PQ Hope to read you soon
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