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  1. Has anyone seen any posts showing video shot using internal h.264 w/ 'Color Profile Off' ? I know its suboptimal given the camera can record Raw, but im very interested in how much can be done (latitude) in a pinch with internal recording on Color Profile Off. Everyone is posting these crazy raw videos but managing that amount of content is a bit much for day to day fun shooting. I dont use my BMPCC4K because its not quite pocket size, and yet I dont see myself needing Raw DNGs for fun and gun. Curious!
  2. Ah, I see - the focus wheel for Ronin S isn't part of the blue tooth protocol that say the iOS app etc receive - it uses the S-BUS instead. Interesting / a shame. I for one would be very interested in a product that allows the full range of Ronin S features to be used with the BMPCC4K - specifically focus, but record would be amazing too. A small S-Bus to your bluetooth transmitter would be an amazing little add on. Congrats on the product and good luck!
  3. Is DJI Ronin S to Pocket 4K possible? Is it possible for this unit to act as a bridge from the Ronin S Gimbal to allow record via gimbal button and focus via the DJI Focus knob for Ronin S? Id imagine the hardware would have to act as a sort of bridge to be passed on to the Black Magic cameras?
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