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  1. Yup, I think there will be more over time. The Sirui 50mm seems revolutionary engineering wise. Aivascope is interesting..can't find much info but they keep pushing this 1.5x adapter?
  2. Someone just bought a baby hypogonar with chipped glass off Ebay for $1K lol. Beyond my budget though, might just give up on the small ones. I noticed this "anamorphic market" is extremely narrow, there's a small group of buyers and sellers and it just seems to change hands. Many recommended lenses in 2014 are almost $2k or more now.
  3. Thanks for the great feedback to both of you. I think 1.5x would be an ok compromise if I could get the setup put together at the right price. I am using an A6300 APS-C/super 35 sensor, probably upgrade to a used GH5 eventually to get 4:3. @seku Why would you prefer double focus for any of the scenarios?
  4. The Sony A6300 to me is a cinema camera on the go. Super 35mm sensor, wide dynamic range, EVF and a bunch of other little details that you can just use anywhere. I still feel spoiled even though it's relatively "low end" nowadays.
  5. Anyone here have a simple vintage anamorphic adapter setup without rails/rig etc? The more basic, the better. This looks like a minimum setup to even be usable, and it's a lot to carry around: Helios 44-2 === Back Clamp === ISCO Ultrastar === SLR Magic Rangefinder === ND Filter
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