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  1. Just watched this. Interestingly enough on my 1080P PC Monitor the C200 was the clear winner, with the GH5S and Fuji looking more or less the same - or at least not significant enough for me to prefer one over the other. One of the better showings of the GH5(s) for me. However, when I switched over to watching on my 4k TV the results were different. Yes, the C200 looked very good but amazingly I thought the Fuji overall had the more natural look and I thought it the best of the bunch. The video does re-inforce that there is something about the GH5 (and BM4/6K too) that I just don't care for. A kind of video-y plastic-y softness I can't unsee no matter how many clips/videos I watch.
  2. I'm potentially looking into getting a (used) Canon and installing ML. One question I have is I've read the EOS M can have difficulty doing continuous shooting at higher rates and that this is related to the buffer (and card speed). Would getting a 7D or 70D minimize this?
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