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  1. great work with the conversion @Juan Melara I am going to purchase it both powergrade and lut. based on your extensive tests matching the cameras, did you notice a noticeable difference between 4k and 6k in terms of DR and especially in exposure recovery? I ask because in this test there is a massive recovery gap in favor of the 6k: 4k recovery test // 6k recovery test thx in advance.
  2. hi there, I have a simple question related a massive difference between braw and cdng (or other raw formats): is the sharpness embeded/fixed in braw? I know that I can modify it in blur tab in resolve but I mean using it in initial debayer settings. thx in advance.
  3. despite other differences, please correct me if I am wrong after looking for sensor sizes of both cameras: bmpcc 4k + speedbooster 0.64x = crop factor 1.21x (with +1 fstop extra) bmpcc 6k = crop factor 1.55x (can't use a focal reducer) I know there is other considerations in favor of 6k like resolution, native mount without adapters, etc, but seems that DR and SNR are similar, without no benefits of larger sensor, at least on initial paper.
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