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  1. It's obsolete before it's released. Someone at Ziess should have put their hand up at said this is a ridiculous concept and will fail. I have an iPhone 12 Pro in my pocket with far superior processing power and connectivity, much bigger high res screen for editing and choice of apps. All Zeiss needed to do was make an $3500 compact RX1 style camera with seamless connectivity. Apple have seamless connectivity with Airdrop using Bluetooth and Wifi on the fly peer to peer network for effortless behind the scenes connectivity. Cameras by comparison have tedious unreliable slow connectivity. If Zeiss could have used 'Airdrop' technology to offload raw files to my iPhone 12 Pro, that would have made a fantastic useful camera.
  2. R5 seems a good trade off between body size and video recording capability. I think its great to be able to shoot such high spec video in a compact easy to handle system. I shoot travel/active/lifestyle stock footage and rarely need more than 1 or 2 minute clips. Also like that R5 seems to have Panasonic level IBIS. For video work, long takes and on-set, I'd use a suitable camera with cooling fans. I think those R5 recording times are expected and perfectly acceptable
  3. I’m pretty sure S1H has IBIS from talking to Panasonic rep, not a definitive yes, rather a ‘I can’t say but I’d expect so ?’ answer I picked up an S1 for £1750 at a store open day, and free V Log! Awesome camera. I’m just using Voigtlander VM 35/1.2 at the moment. Amazed how good the IBIS is compared to A7iii I prefer S1 to S1H I think, 10 bit 4K 30p will do me and the camera is smaller without the vents. To be fair, the 8 bit codec already looks superb, 10 bit is a bonus.
  4. It’s free if you register your camera before end of July
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