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  1. Cool! Did you ever try them with an anamorphic adapter? (other than the SLR Magic one)
  2. I've never tried it with a variable diopter, but then again if you're going to use a variable diopter I think you might as well just go for a better and (much) cheaper double focus projection lens. I think there isn't much info out there about the practicalities of working with this lens because not only is it rare but it also isn't useful for most people since you can't rack focus and have to know your focus distance before each shot so that you can attach the right diopter.
  3. Hi mate I'm not sure if you've owned or used one before but since it's a pretty rare lens I just wanted to give you a heads up that it has a super narrow focus range, so you're gonna need a bunch of diopters (I switch between +0.33, +0.5, +0.7, +1.0 and +1.5 constantly) and it also doesn't focus at infinity unless you stop down to around f/11. Just wanted to let you know, since I wish someone would have told me this before I bought mine haha. But if you don't mind these things it's an amazing little adapter.
  4. Hi all Has anyone tried the Fujinon MK cine zoom lenses with any form of anamorphic adapters? I know SLR magic makes one specifically for them so I guess in theory they should work, but I'd be more interested in using one with a vintage anamorphic like a Kowa. Anyone have any experience with this? Cheers, Seb
  5. Whoa so this is basically like a modern day Iscorama? Sweet
  6. I've been toying with the idea of using one of these iphone adapters as well to build a super compact anamorphic rig myself. I'm yet to try anything but I've got something that might be of interest to you: a picture of the back of the beastgrip adapter. It'll show you roughly the size of the back element which could be useful.
  7. Yeah I think this was measured at it's longest.
  8. Wow that is really interesting! Thanks for sharing! So if my math is correct, that would mean you actually end up at a full frame equivalent horizontal field of view of 28mm? 28mm lens x 1.8 (crop factor of GH5s) / 2 (anamorphic stretch factor) / 0.9 (cropping sides to get 2.39:1 aspect ratio)
  9. Going to answer my own question here Was able to find this information out for this and a few other similar scopes by talking to current owners of these lenses, so big thanks to them for being so helpful! Kowa 16-H/8-Z Length: 84mm Diameter: 73mm Weight: ~480g Kowa for Bell & Howell (Should be exact same for Elmoscope II?) Length: 82mm Diameter: 71mm Weight: ~520g Isco Ultra Star Length: 91mm Diameter: 70mm Weight: ~450g Schneider Cinelux ES Length: 104mm Diameter: 71mm Weight: ~530g
  10. Hi all Very specific question here, does anyone know the physical dimensions of this scope whitout any clamps attached? Length and max diameter please. Also, I know this is a long shot but worth asking: does anyone have or is able to take a picture of one next to an Isco Ultra Star? I'm currently working with the Isco but might need to physically downsize my kit for some upcoming stuff, so if the Kowas are shorter or thinner it'll be worth getting one for me. Many thanks! Seb
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