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  1. Exactly the world is not like back then (as in a year ego even). The United States, Europe, South America, etc have a choice of which businesses they let operate in their respective countries. So if for example European countries decide that it's unfair that their citizens have to pay social security, health care, etc and Chinese workers don't have equal protection they can decide to block Chinese products from their markets. If they find that German companies are forced to share their know-how with a Chinese company, know-how that may have taken decades to develop, and are subsequently used i
  2. How many Chinese companies are forced to find a 50% local partner to share their technology with? Zero. What's it look like when a US or European company wants to operate a business in China. Are Facebook, Google, freely available in China? In contrast are there restrictions on Chines companies like TikTok, WeChat, etc across the world? It's amazing to me how China wields just one of their tools, censorship (which on it's own you should be objecting too!), as an economic tool to keep businesses out and you all don't have a problem with it. And by the way it's not Facebook or Google's
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