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  1. I'm french ! No no no the max Iso I used was 8000 but you can go up to 20480
  2. It's just 4k, not 6k ! But yeah yeah it's an arri, bulky, but an arri.
  3. I totally agree with what Paul said, keep in mind that's a full frame 6k camera sub 20 000 $ ready To shoot. Only Sony venice and red monstro vv offer that if I'm correct and at a way higher price tag... Like really higher ! I looooove it really. It's so tiny and powerfull, just crazy. Regular ssd's are, usable, low light capable, various mounts with eND, nice color science, and tons of things that are incredible for this size and price. I made a long review with table of contents for french speaking people here :
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