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    wwiisgttom reacted to webrunner5 in From 6d to GH3, is it worth it?   
    You know now if you are lucky you can find a used Canon M50 for 500 bucks or a bit more. I know they don't have all the video bells and whistles a Panasonic has, but they are an interesting camera for the money.They sure do have the Canon CS and DPAF in 1080p. And I bet down the road they will have ML out for it. No IBIS though.
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    wwiisgttom reacted to canonlyme in From 6d to GH3, is it worth it?   
    This is some of the bullshit you only read in online forums. If you say something like that, is is only because you are justifying paying more for the g85 over the gx80. The gx80 has equivalent 4k to the g85. That is what matters. If you really think that they process the image differently in fhd, then give me an official enginnering source or make that judgment over your own footage, do not just reference another test because you are lazy to do your own.
    I think a couple of points have to be added here. 
    The GX80 is by far the better professional budget option then the g85. Who cares if the fhd is worse then something else, you are not gonna buy a porsche and then only drive it at 100kms an hour, comparing the sound to a fiat. 
    Why? In 4k, there is no visual difference to be seen to the gh5 4k, and equivalence to the g85 4k. We have recently shot a documentary and noone could tell much difference to the gh5, even at 200mbs, to the 100mbs 4k of the gx85. Feel free to post a screengrab with the gh5, I will give you one of my gx80 that will look as good.
    You get the gx80 for around 200 to 300 bucks less then the g85. The gx85 is missing external audio jack, but this does not matter, since if you shoot professionally, you will not allow bad pre amps or camera sounds to go on your audio and go dual audio.

    One other thing is weight, people say the gx80 is missing weight, but as a b-camera, this is a huge upside. We were shooting while hiking and carrying the gh5 on a gimbal/glidecam slash the gx80, we always ended up using the gx80 on the glideplus a 40mm voigtlander, and we got the most beutiful shots. 

    The gx85 has professional features that if you go dual audio, you not really need and, if you have the same budget, it allows you to get a cage, grip and a zoom h1, which will take your gh5 audio apart.
    To summarize, the gx85 is in my opinion the best price/value under 1000 dollars, its a beast. So getting the gx85 over the g85 is a no brainer. 
    Comparing it to the gh3, I think the gh3 is a beautiful camera, and if there would be image stabilization, I would recommend the gh3 over the gx80. But ibis is still what kills the gh3. On top, I am currently building up anamorphic, and the gx85 allows you to shoot 4:3 in 4k photo mode, which the gh3 does not. On the other hand, the gh3 has internal audio (bad preamps). 
    The gh3 also gives you better slow motion then the gx80 at 50mbit/s vs 28mbit/s.

    The G7 is the gh3 with worse slow-motion and worse fhd, so I would go for the gh3 over the g7 and the gx80 beats the g7 as well because of ibis.

    I don't wanna be mean but there has been some junk written in this thread about high iso and soft footage of the gx80.
     If you are gonna use iso higher iso than 1000 with a m43 camera, you are already doing something wrong. Without loss of IQ, you are gonna use fast lenses or lighting to shoot at the right light. 

    I do own the gx80 and I can recommend over the g7 and g85 as a first cam, b-roll cam or professional b-cam, for a gimbal/glidecam for stuff like weddings, or as the first camera to get at the current state of technology (which is 4k) 
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    wwiisgttom reacted to mercer in From 6d to GH3, is it worth it?   
    Well, it’s all relative. I owned both the GX85 and the G85 and I preferred the ergonomics of the G85 to the GX85 and I felt the IBIS was a little better... not as good as Olympus’ but a little better than the GX85. Also if you’re talking sub $1000, you can buy a G9 for less than a grand now, and the IBIS on that camera is supposedly 2 stops better than the GX85 plus it has 4K up to 60p... so it’s all relative.
    With that being said, the GX85 is a great camera and other than a used Pocket/Micro it’s the best camera under $500.
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    wwiisgttom reacted to webrunner5 in 5K RAW 24p video for $150 - Magic Lantern making great strides on Canon EOS M   
    Yeah but what John Brawley does is because they can't archive all that stuff in 4k. They generate too much footage an episode. You don't shoot enough to worry about that problem. Jesus it's 2019. Kick it up a notch like Emeril Lagasse says. Hell you might get famous down the road and be stuck with a bunch of 720 stuff.  O the Horror! ?
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