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    What makes this even more interesting is how Deity got around a Zaxcom patent they hold for recording internally on a wireless transmitter. Deity explained to me the HD-TX doesn’t have timecode and the USA models cut the audio transmission when you hit record and resume transmission when you hit stop. This functionality isn’t included on Zaxcoms patent. The international units won’t have limitations as the patent only pertains to the US market.

    Quote from the article from NewsShooter.

    Kind of a sassy approach, but I love that someone finally did something about the patent ? 

  2. The ones shot in daylight look OK, but something seems wrong with the tungsten conversion. The exposure is ok so that's probably not your fault - perhaps the camera just renders colours differently (which is normal). 

  3. Has anyone tried these LUTs with LUMIX G80/G85 in Cine-D or knows to what extent its image differs from the GH5?

    Or else: @Sage - do you plan to make an XT-3 version anytime soon? My partner just bought it and it's quite fantastic but until it becomes an Alexa colorwise, I refuse to use it ;)


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