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  1. I'm seriously into watching movies... but for instance I just downloaded some stuff off Youtube in 360p (it can';t be got anywhere else). Because you see, it's not the picture quality that really counts. It's good to have, but real filmmaking is about the story (and a host of other stuff that doesn't depend on resolution). That's what's unfortunate. There's this fanatical obsession over K numbers. And given that AXIOM Beta is about giving creatives more freedom, I wouldn't like to see the effort blighted by reactionary fixation on the idea of keeping up with the Joneses... or Japan
  2. I've never met anyone with an 8K monitor. If someone out there is salivating over the idea of trudging through the arduous process of adapting their worklow around 8K, then... well... there's one born every minute they say. I dread to think what the render times are like with 8K, but it must be a downright misery.
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    AXIOM Beta

    Getting close ? https://www.apertus.org/november-2018-news-article
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