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  1. 5 hours ago, drm said:

    According to the specs, even V90 cards should not be able to record the highest resolution/bit rates. We use the T5 1TB disks and have not had any trouble recording to them. Best of luck!

    I am using the "ADATA SDXC UHS-II U3 Class 10 256GB Premier One V90" for months now with 4K DCI RAW 3:1 (24fps), 4K DCI RAW 4:1 (30fps) and 4K DCI ProRes HQ (30fps) without any problem at all.

  2. 21 minutes ago, TurboRat said:

    I hope Blackmagic addresses this via firmware update and not just one of the 'quirks' to be ignored like hardcore P4K posters want to happen. I also want to purchase a P4K in the future but so far some issues that are cropping up are:

    • Soft edges in wide angle lenses
    • Red light clipping 
    • Battery getting stuck
    • Battery doors suddenly opening
    • SSD like T3 not immediately recognized

    I'm not really sure about 'image quality is above everything' agenda but I'm hoping these things that are fixable

    I don't have any issue on all those options you are listed here on my own BMPCC4K (yet).

  3. 9 minutes ago, Turboguard said:

    I feel like I read somewhere people being scared that you can’t shoot lossless 4K DCI and record with T5. Well today was the first time I plugged it in and it definitely takes it. I tried 23.976 recorded for 5min before I was convinced enough. Did 30fps recorded for 5min, convinced. And finally 60fps which did get a frame drop after 40seconds. But that’s 40sec 60fps lossless RAW 4K DCI on a 100dollar drive!


    The T5 works great! No problems at all here! 

    I get 10 seconds, sometimes 15+ seconds - depends on the scene, so it doesn't work without a problem.

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