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  1. Sony will not cannibalize their cine division. Neither will Canon with R5. The reason canon went 8k is too get ppl to buy into the new RF mount. And we still dont know price or specs. Canon had an opportunity with a new mount, to go All in. And I think they found out Sony was doing 6k or 8k and decided to go all in to get people back to canon. I dont need 8k.. I dont think anyone does. Ita great to see manufacturers pushing canon to Not Hold Back. Canon and Nikon for years did a delicate balancing act of back n forth. Then Sony mirrorless changed the game. The S serie
  2. Hey guys, I wanted to let everyone know my experience so far after upgrading to a Sony FS5 in 2020. With all the camera options out there is the FS5 and FS5ii still worth it in 2020? With all the options out there is the FS5 right for you? Comes down to your needs but for me it checked all my boxes. FS5 is light and portable and can be rigged.up to fly on modern gimbals easily. It also can be shoulder mounted with help of 3rd party accessories, I recommend smallrig bc of versatility and build quality, and price. Coming from A7riii the learning curve and all the buttons o
  3. First off sorry for the length of the post and going off topic a bit here and there.. But I had similar choice a few weeks ago as you... I was in similar boat with decision to add a video centric camera to my a7riii.. I could have upgraded to A7riv, which made no sense to me as I am coming from photography and wanting to do more high end video. The a7riv kept the same specs for video, except the eye AF in video which is a big deal for some ppl, but for me that was a non starter, OFC still waiting like everyone to see Sony A7Siii .. In meantime, wanted video centric camera, so its was eit
  4. Has anyone had a chance to use this adapter, with the loxia 35mm on sony a7riii or a7iii ... I guess it cant do FF on the 35mm loxia but can on the 50mm.. I would like to see some videos of this with the loxia glass.. I messaged SLR magic and said I would do some shooting with my loxia set, but no response.. They prob. dont want ppl to see the bright blue AWFUL banding that shows up on these adapters.. I have seen the taking lenses used in a few reviews but never an in depth review with the loxia line. I am interested in i
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