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  1. 1 hour ago, Lenscamera said:

    You are right, fast glass on APS-C can produce the FF look. 

    But I have used MFT, APS-C, and full frame cameras to shoot on many different projects. My favorite photos were those taken on full frame, I found myself liking that look a lot.  

    It's true that for stills, a full frame camera is the way to go for me, every time. I have a cheap old Sony A7 that serves me well. I despise the menus and the form factor is not comfortable, logical or sensible but it does take lovely professional raw stills.

    For video, however, I am so happy with m43 and APS-C sized cameras. Better rolling shutter is a BIG factor in why. Cost is another! The horrendous UI of Sony A7 series cameras is another. I still don't have my Pocket 4K but I anticipate it will be one of my best ever camera investments.

  2. To all of those people saying they'd prefer a full frame sensor on the BM pocket 4K, surely that's overlooking one of the great advantages of m43/ XL Speedbooster combinations for film making, which is that the smaller sensor leads to improved rolling shutter artefact performance over ALL full frame cameras, which is a hugely important aspect of what I call "good video performance" or creating "a nice image." 


  3. I see lots of Teal and brown in these shots. Similar to the original PCC.

    Nice look, but it's a "look." The camera has great colours though, from what I can see, and the South Korean bubblegum pop vids show that it can do a bigger range of looks, all the while looking sharp, crisp, evenly colour saturated, with high dynamic range, and good motion cadence. I'm really impressed in this camera already.


  4. 3 hours ago, Álex Montoya said:

    The Original Pocket was great for mimicking S16. I did this some years ago in El Salvador.



    The original pocket looks great, as you say, but it's a very particular look. To me it seems to come pre-graded for a very particular (and quite pleasing) look, which may or may not be a good thing, depending on your perspective.

  5. 51 minutes ago, emielregis said:


    Australia huh? Favouritism! With Blackmagic and Rode, you fellows have two companies really challenging the Japanese and Americans for that quality/ cost co-efficient and in my view winning hands down. Both Rode and BlackMagic are offering quality products that rival the very best in the world, whilst costing 1/10 the price. Disruptive!

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