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  1. Hi @Sage, I know you are already considering this, but I really think you should bring EC to the P4K. The interest around the camera is huge and I think your conversions could make it shine a bit more
  2. Hello, I'm letting go some gear : - Pelicase 1615 Air with trekpad, in excellent condition. Asking 450 euros. - A-box to Alexa Mini, like new. Asking 180 euros. - BlackMagic Micro Panel for resolve. Perfect condition. Asking 750 euros. - Tiffen BlackGlimmerglass 2 4x5.65. Good condition. Asking 290 euros. - Lumu Power Lightmeter, like new. Asking 220 euros. - Sennheiser AVX-ME2 SET -lav microphone with transmitter/reciever, like new. Asking 480 euros. - Apple Cinema Display 27" with UK plug. Used. Asking 240 euros. For photos, PM. The gear is in France, shipping is possible.
  3. @JeremyDulac Thanks for your answer ! So you are using an adapter right ? Are you shooting 2K ? The aesthetic out of your frames definitely has a super 16 feel, it's very exciting. @Sage is there a FB group for the community ?
  4. @JeremyDulac It's just stunning. Very impressed with the results. Can I asked which lense you used -& filtration- ? I'm new here and I've been actually working with an Alexa Mini for quite a long time. I heard about Emotive Color yesterday, did some research and I still can't believe how organic the footage look with the conversion. Congrats @Sage, I'm definitely buying it.
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