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  1. Andrew, Thanks for responding earlier! In terms of being "nice people", I do have to say it's disappointing to me to see name calling and hostility coming from all sides here. I mean, I know it's the internet and everything and people tend to go with their immediate response consequences be damned. But it's also a somewhat professional community. I hope we can all extend each other that professionalism.
  2. Andrew, Long time lurker; first time poster. Been reading your posts on your site for a long time now. Think I bought a LUT and Canon guide a while back. Have since been a BM URSA Mini 4K user and I've been looking forward to this new camera. Reading your new blog post is confusing. At first I was like "Who's John Brawley?" Is he the head of BM or something, and that's why you don't want this camera? Turns out that no, he's not. He's just an independent DP. Okay. Does BM know or are they supposed to know that you're from Manchester? I'm not exactly seeing what BM is doing to you that you're protesting them and using your influence as a respected camera blogger to get that word out. I'm not trying to be insulting. Maybe I'm missing something. But if this is what it looks like, say it isn't so Andrew.
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