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  1. Not sure how it gets in the way of your personal life, but professionally, dude think about who hires you and if that's important to them. One of the reasons my partner and I went with Video Dads (and now Gear Dads for the offshoot review site) is because we thought it would keep away the douchey marketing execs whom we didn't want to work with anyway. Also, in Portland Oregon you can't get a freelance creative gig without a Gandolf beard. And you're at basically his birthplace.
  2. Ok this is kinda dumb but I made a specs t-shirt that has all the things we've been wanting from cameras and the XT-3 finally delivers. Maybe other camera companies will start listening. Hey @IronFilm, nice to see you on here too. I watched your previous Deity video on YT. Super jealous of that beard. Cheers -
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