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  1. I preordered back in August(B and H), do we have any idea what the wait time will be like?
  2. cheap bmp4k cage option https://www.ebay.com/itm/BMPCC2-4K-DSLR-Rig-Kit-Cage-Handle-15mm-FOR-BlackMagic-Pocket-Cinema-Camera-4K/202421181001?hash=item2f213e1a49%3Am%3Am0Gd4jzTBeDxy2eJG3DlFcA&var=502444651621
  3. Hardly, a pocket 4K probably won’t cost more then 4000$ fully tricked out with every possible accessory.
  4. In your opinion what are the advantages of of using sd or Cfast cards over an ssd? To me it’s way more expensive to use cards?
  5. I’m confused, which speed poster are we suppose to use with this camera? .64 or .71?
  6. Do we have any idea how much the pocket 4K is going to weigh. Will tripods, and rigs built for dslr’s work for it? From the pictures it looks to be similar in size to a big Dslr like a 5d.
  7. Do we know how much the camera will weigh yet?
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