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  1. Recorded to a Mac formatted ssd but the person I’m working with only has a pc. HFSExplorer should work right?
  2. Has anyone shot an entire feature on this camera yet? How much storage was required with BRAW? Or did you use prores? I’ve only done small projects so far (couple minutes or less with prores) and i’m wondering how many hard drives i’m going to need for a 90 minute feature.
  3. Question. I’ve never activated my copy of resolve 15 what’s going to happen to it now that 16 is out?
  4. I was using my sigma 18-35 on it to day but for some reason I got a blank white screen. Any suggestions?
  5. Haven’t used the 11-16. I was referring to the 18-35
  6. I use the .71 speed booster. I don’t get vignetting.
  7. 14mm 35mm and an 85mm. They are very solid. Manual lenses though.
  8. I wouldn’t use b and h. It took forever for me to get mine from them.
  9. Does anyone else get a flickering histogram?
  10. I’m trying to update my firmware, but for some reason my computer isn’t recognizing my usb device (the camera) anyone have any suggestions?
  11. Does anyone have a flickering histogram?
  12. Looking into buying a small rib cage, and I’m wondering what the functional difference is between a nato handle and a regular handle.
  13. I’m looking for some suggestions from you guys. I just got a new sigma 18-35 for my pocket 4K and I’m wondering whether I should sell my rokinon lenses (35mm, 14mm, and 85mm) and buy a sigma 50-100. Do any of you guys have any experience with this lens on a MFT camera?
  14. Just got another “out of stock”message from B and H this morning. I wish their was a way of knowing what number you were in line.?
  15. They came out with an older version of that battery, I own it and wonder whether it works with the new camera.
  16. Do you guys think this is a good power supply option for the Blackmagic pocket 4K? https://www.adorama.com/sxpbelpe6.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI-ZauyoyE3gIVF6rsCh3IYQkZEAQYAiABEgLbCPD_BwE
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