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    Exporter reacted to fuzzynormal in Olympus E-M5 MK III - coming in October   
    I just like Oly cams. 
    Even though they don't get you excited on the spec sheet, when you use one it just makes a difference (for me).  It's not easily explainable.  I just always chalk it up to this:  it's why someone likes a certain car over another similar model in class.  There's always some collection of intangibles that add up to a sum greater than the parts.  Some machines just harmonize with ones tastes and desires.
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    Exporter got a reaction from webrunner5 in Sony Dominates FF Sales in USA   
    I just made the jump to Sony after years of making excuses for Canon and all of the disabled features on their cameras. I was excited when the M50 came out but was soon dismayed to see how many features they intentionally left out. That camera could have been a bridge between M43 and FF for many and introduced a new generation of users to what Canon could offer. Imagine decent codecs, dpaf 4k, and inexpensive crop lenses!
    I could have kept waiting but forget it. They have nice entry level dslrs but seem to not understand or care how many people want better video features.
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