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  1. Ha! So one dude (acting like a girl who was not elected as a queen of the prom) with forum on his website is not going to buy camera because he was not invited to some event. REALLY?! Love it! First world problems hahaha, made my day. I will be checking discussion just for fun haha. PS: hope Andrew is not going to delete all my posts again, when I asked why his A7III profiles changes color pretty bad and I called them unusable. :))
  2. Hi Andrew, did you delete my posts (and related ones too) about color inaccuracy of your new profiles? I don't think this would be good way how to promote yourself. Hi Geoff, did you notice any "color changing issues" with EOSHD V4? At 2:41 there is color difference between pack of chips in the background (comparison of GFILM to EOSHD). Which color is accurate? Thank you
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