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  1. Hi, I have always had a doubt about Luminance and would like to ask a question.
    I only make UHD videos with the GH5.
    I have 2 options in the Settings regarding Luminance:
    0-255 or 16-235 for 50p and 8bit
    0-1023 or 64-940 for 25p and 10bit
    Can you advise me which one you would use?
    But does anything change when watching video on TV?
    Thank you

  2. Hey, I'd like to ask a question: I always used "Natural" profile with my GH5, but maybe "Cinelike" is better for me. Anyway I'd like to ask a question about "Cinelike" and GH5: if you use GH5 with "Cinelike", is it better I decrease the contrast, the colors, ND, etc. in the Menu?In the "Natural" I did in so way.
    What do I have to decrease precisely to get a better grading in post production with "Cinelike"?

    Thank you.


  3. 17 hours ago, Adam Kuźniar said:

    I don't think I understood what your problem is.. the clip you posted looks perfectly fine for me.

    In that clip I see a greenish and ocher veil. It is not possible to obtain natural desires in post. The skin colour of that perople is not very black. I attach another clip: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zcfy35sufnwahwu/Angola 2.MOV?dl=0

    It is a bit overexposed but I had this on hand: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zcfy35sufnwahwu/Angola 2.MOV?dl=0

  4. 1 hour ago, Video Hummus said:

    You would not want your shutter speed to be changing while filming.

    Best bet is get an ND filter. Set your ISO at base ISO. Use the ND filter to slightly under expose your image by 1 stop maybe 2 stops at base ISO and then turn on auto ISO. The camera will now turn up or down the ISO to achieve whatever your exposure Compensation is set to. Panasonic does a good job of smoothly ramping up and down.

    Your exposure will change while you are shooting but if the lighting doesn’t change drastically in a frame then it won’t be noticeable. I would highly recommend also setting up the AE lock button so when it is pressed will lock in your current exposure while it is pressed.

    That way you are telling the camera to manage exposure for you at a fixed aperture and shutter speed while letting the ISO scale up and down to maintain a particular exposure. In darker, lowlight scenes just twist the ND to let in more light and the camera will adjust down the ISO and you’ll have less noise.

    I would shoot in 10-bit and use a hue selection mask in post to select the over saturated colors and bring down the saturation to mute them a bit.


    I thank you for your precious news.I have a ND filter. My ND filter is: SLR Magic Reflex 62 millimetri magia 0,4-1,8 variabile ND Filter - Mark II. I bought it on Amazon and it costs about 200 euros. I was very careful before purchasing and chose that ND filter. I don't know my real problem. Maybe 180 degree rule? Maybe ..... what? Did you look at that link I posted on the first post? Do you think I will get worse clips using GH5 is semi-automatic with aperture priority? I often don't have free time to manage the GH5 manually. Anyway I took that first clip at 2pm when the sun was at its maximum.

  5. Hi, I would like to ask a somewhat complicated question, hoping to receive answers from those who have a lot of experience with the GH5.
    I just took my usual doc in Africa using the GH5 in manual as always, but I got junk in the colors. Yet I use first-class cosse, such as the gray rolling filter, the gray card for the White Balance, etc. I use the "Natural" option and remove the contrast and color at -2 and then manage them in post. Unfortunately when I shoot in every country but not in Africa, I get very good results but not in Africa, where there is an incredible sun and red earth. I only film in african villages. Maybe manually I don't perfectly match the shutter speed and aperture because I often don't have the right time. Or maybe the real problem is another.
    Maybe something escapes me. In my country I always do many tests that I then try to implement in Africa too. But every time I come with poor results in the clips, perhaps because I often don't have the right time to sort everything before shooting and I have to shoot quickly.
    My questions are:

    Is it possible to film with aperture priority with the GH5?
    Is there such a possibility? I have always used the GH5 in Manual and even reading the manual, I cannot find this option that I would like to choose.

    I attach a link of one of my clips in UHD: luckily not all clips are like this, but many are like this:

    In your opinion, could I get good results with this Settings and also put the ISO in Automatic?
    1000 thanks

  6. Hi, I usually make night shots in the night, in the forest or large areas in the villages where people dance. I always use a small led lamp on my GH5 camera. Often it is insufficient and I need more light. I'm thinking about a LED Front Lamp to put on my head. I noticed a lot of lamps of each invoice but for trek and running. I don't know if it can be useful for me too. I need a front lamp with zoom and with a large floodlight. Does anyone here have experience in this regard? Maybe I do a stupid thing to buy and use a LED Front Lamp? I found some LED Front Lamps with 6000K but I could add a filter to make the light a little warmer. I always travel alone and I also need to optimize weight. Thanks for some precious news.

  7. Hello, the next months I will go to make a short documentary in the Coptic churches with poor light.The churches at night lit up little more than with candlelight of many faithful. Can anyone advise me how to configure the GH5 to get a good video inside the churches? I have the Leica 12-60mm f / 2.8 lens.
    Outside I want to film in 50p but maybe inside it would be better to film in 25p to get more light. Quite right? Thank you.

  8. 22 minutes ago, mirekti said:

    :) you mean run and gun

    Well, that's what I am telling you above. If you point your camera to one side on a sunny day, and then move, the blue sky might be differently blue throughout the footage if variable ND is used.

    ??? yes "run and gun". Thanks for your suggestions.


  9. Hi, I have GH5 with the latest update. I need to shoot in 4K 50p and HDR. I know it is impossible, do I have to change my GH5 with another camera or is there some external devices that allow to rec in HDR? Could it be possible with the next update? Thanks for some info.

  10. Hi, could you clear some worrires please? I shoot with GH5 only at 50p Pal System.
    Do you get a better UHD video by shooting in MP4 LPCM or MOV? They are options to choose in Rec format.

    I'm noticing in HDMI recording output/Bit mode 4K/50p I have the option to activate 4:2:2 10bit.
    But I've always known that you can shoot in 4:2:2 only at 25p. What does it happen if I enable 4: 2: 2 10bit and I shoot at 50p?

    I don't see "Color space" on the GH5 Menu. Could you tell me where it is precisely?
    Thanks a lot for clearing up.

  11. Hi, I have the GH5 which has been updated with the latest update. I shoot only at 50p in UHD. I would like to know if I can enable the HDR but I don't think it is possible. I have a TV with HDR.

    Some suggestions please:

    1) In your opinion, is it better to set my GH5 with rec709 or YUV 420 rec2020?

    2) Is it better I shoot at rec2020 with my GH5 and I edit at rec2020 with Edius 9?
    Thank you for some info.

  12. webrunner5,

    I think we are not able to understand each other. ;) You never sugegsted a Ronin S and : 1° Ronin S is not available yet and it is a lot heavy. I remember you suggest me to buy a mechanical steady. In Augost I will leave and if I had to buy a Ronin S I really would need 2 Land Lovers, opsss ... sorry Rovers.

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