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  1. - PRICE: $599 - STRETCH: 2X - FOCUS: Double-focus - PAYMENT METHOD: Paypal (fees to be paid after initial payment) - LOCATION: Switzerland - SHIPPING: Not included - INCLUDED: Redstan rear adapter with foot support and Redstan front clamp (value = $100). - CONDITION: No scratches and no fungus. Clean glass with the exception of a couple tiny spots on the rear glass. A couple of VERY light scratches that are only noticeable under a light source. Body shows some signs of wear but it works perfectly. Coatings are not flamboyant but the lens creates these signature purple/orange flares perfectly well. I wasn't able to get 1000% tack sharp images, so the lens might need to be serviced. It gives reasonably sharp results though, and my issue might actually come from my taking lens. Bought it from a fellow member of the Anamorphic Shooters group on FB and barely used it because of a decrease in filmmaking activity. - COMMENTS: I can send some footage via wetransfer. Open to offers.
  2. I hate to do this but I am seriously looking for a Bolex 16/32/1.5x as well. I am willing to spend good money on a nice unit. Please DM me if you want to get in touch.
  3. Selling my Elmoscope-II (Kowa B&H) with an awesome Redstan two-piece adapter and the new HTN v2 front adapter (for HCDNA) for $1190 plus shipping. I'm not asking for more than what I paid. Ready to shoot. DM me if you're interested or want to make an offer! Also includes the original front ring, a 55-62mm Heliopan step-up ring filter caps to protect the glass and HTN thumb screw to tighten the HCDNA around the HTN front adapter. Will drop $30 off the price if the step-up ring isn't needed. The lens is in mint or near-mint condition, the glass is flawless with no scratches and no fungus. It's the second best Kowa that I've had in terms of condition. There's only a very superficial mark on the rear glass that is barely visible and can easily be cleaned away. It does not affect the image whatsoever. Otherwise the glass is perfect, the coatings are intact and they produce very strong golden flares. The lens comes with all the top-end accessories to make it work. Redstan adapter is the latest design and comes in rare matte black color. It's honestly incredible, as it locks the Elmo-II very safely while giving you the option of realigning the scope easily using thumb screws. The HTN adapter replaces the front ring of the Elmo-II and locks the focus ring (set to infinity). It's the latest version which enables you to go wider than the previous one. I was able to shoot 16:9 on a S35 sensor with a 50mm taking lens with no vignetting. An amazing piece of gear. I am only selling it because I prefer the 1.5x anamorphic look and will stay shooting with my C35. Buyer can also buy a Contax Planar 50mm f1.4 MMJ with Leitax EF mount for an extra $290 if interested (I paid $400 plus shipping for both). Cheers!
  4. What camera will you be using? I am selling a Kowa 16-D (also a Zeiss Contax Planar 50mm taking lens with EF mount), but it is smaller than the 16-H and could produce some vignetting or veiling glare depending on your set-up. It is however sharper than any 16-H I have ever owned.
  5. Agree 1000%. His front ring enables you to attach the HCDNA safely (75mm threads) AND it also locks focus on the Kowa which means you don't have to worry about torque. It's an amazing product for a good price. Very nice guy as well. I assume the 16-S has the same front diameter as the 16-D. Amazing lens, very underrated.
  6. Hi, I am selling my Carl Zeiss Contax Planar T* 50mm f1.4 MMJ with Leitax Canon EF mount adapter for $450 plus shipping. The glass is in excellent condition with no scratches and no fungus, only a few tiny specks of dust that are barely visible and have no impact whatsoever on the image. The lens is in superb condition and produces very sharp images, as expected. The lens comes with a Leitax Canon EF mount (value €61 or $71), the best adapter on the market. Send me a DM if you're interested! Cheers.
  7. Hi, I am selling a Leica Summicron-R f2 50mm lens with Leitax EF mount for $570 plus shipping. I am open to offers. The glass is in pristine condition with no scratches, no fungus, no haze and no separation. The lens is in excellent cosmetic condition as well. The only issue is the front barrel as it has a little bit of play (about 1mm). It is the only reason I am selling. It is an absolute non-issue if you're shooting spherical and it's still usable if you're being careful while shooting anamorphic. The Leitax mount converts the lens to EF mount. It's the best adapter on the market and it shows. It is worth $70 alone. Comment or DM if you're interested or want to make an offer! Cheers.
  8. Selling a Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 Art (EF mount) in excellent condition for 490$ plus shipping. I am also open to offers so don't hesitate to message me. Incredible lens in excellent condition, produces VERY sharp images. The glass is in excellent condition, with no fungus, no haze, no separation and no major scratches. The front glass shows some cleaning marks and a couple of TINY scratches that are only visible when flashing a light onto the glass. Even then they are hard to spot. Not visible at all otherwise and NO effect on the image. The defects are so small I was not able to take a picture that would show them. Lens comes with original lens pouch and lens hood. DM or comment if you're interested. Cheers!
  9. I doubt that John forgot about you, he's probably experiencing some setback with the latest batch. Just be patient but be ready to make the transfer once he invites you to do so. Rapido makes a single focus solution as well, but if I were you I would wait at least a couple of weeks before cancelling your order for the Rectilux. Cheers.
  10. Avoid the Rangefinder at all costs. Shooting anamorphic requires a lot of work and attention to detail (relatively speaking) and you don't want to have blue blobs ruin your footage shot on amazing vintage scopes. One thing I've learned is never take the easy way out with anamorphic or it'll come back and bite you in the azz. I cannot speak on the Rapido, though it looks much better than the Rangefinder. I can tell you this however - the focus ring on my HCDNA was very stiff at first but it loosened up after a couple of uses and now it's perfect. It might be the case with the Rapido as well. Though I haven't copped any Rapido products, Jim is seriously amazing in terms of communication so he can surely help you out with this. Cheers.
  11. Selling my Elmoscope-II with Redstan front clamp and Redstan front adapter for HCDNA* for $780 + shipping. Same lens as Kowa 16-H, 8-Z and B&H. The Elmoscope-II is in good condition and produces beautiful images. +$90 for the amazing rear two-piece adapter (clamp) from Redstan. The rear glass shows some scratches and tiny specs of internal dust which can be seen under a light source (barely visible to invisible otherwise). The front glass is in perfect condition aside from a very small stain at the very edge of the glass that is barely noticeable. I haven't seen these defects have any effect on the image quality as I was able to get sharp and beautiful results from it. Willing to share sample footage. The Redstan front clamp fits snugly and is very useful as it gives a 72mm thread and the ability to attach filters. The Redstan adapter gives 72mm to 75mm threads, enabling you to attach the HCDNA very safely. DM or comment if interested! Cheers. *I am not selling the HCDNA. Will post new pics with the date and eoshd written on a piece of paper if I get any response.
  12. Hi! I am seriously looking for a Kowa Anamorphic-35 1.5X or 1.75X (Inflight or not). Will not make a lowball offer. Please DM me if you're looking to part with yours! Cheers!
  13. Cool, thanks. Yeah I understand, unfortunately I'm not interested in purchasing or rather I can't afford the whole set :| Enjoy the holidays man.
  14. Cool, I guess there's no one answer to this question. As mentionned above, stretch factor could vary from close focus to infinity, or perhaps some copies simply have a different stretch factor. Definitely a sharp lens, but fyi to my surprise my Kowa 16-D has produced sharper images than the Isco. Comes with its flaws however.
  15. Hi Justin, hope all is well. How much are you asking for the Summicron-R 50? I own the same lens and absolutely love it but the front element (onto which I screw on my Redstan clamp) is unstable and sort of clicks thus regularly misaligning my anamorphic set-up if I don't pay close attention. Needless to say it's very annoying. Does your 50mm have the same issue or is the front element hold tight? Cheers.
  16. I had this lens for a while (and regret selling it). I used to apply 1.75x stretch in post. Definitely not a 2x lens but it produces great images nonetheless. Cheers.
  17. Price drop: Isco Ultrastar Plus 2.1 with Redstan front and rear clamps for $459 (€390) shipping included. $439 (€373) with Vid-Atlantic front clamp instead of Redstan. Here's a screenshot from this amazing lens (shot with Leica 50mm, basic LUT applied): https://imgur.com/a/on2wu
  18. Haha yeah I know but I discovered the trick thanks to the video. I think this characteristic works great for certain types of projects for sure but I could do without personally. Cheers.
  19. Hi, Tito is the man indeed! Like the OP, I also wonder if the Rectilux (or the Rangefinder) helps reduce veiling glare with anamorphic lenses particularly the Kowas. Does it help? It would be good to know before taking any chance with the edge blackening, which I see as a great but last resort option.
  20. Hi, thanks for sharing the information. However, do you feel comfortable tilting down with the HardcoreDNA simply screwed onto the Kowa 16H/8Z? Is using just the provided screws absolutely secure? I am afraid the Rectilux will unscrew and fall to the ground but maybe I am overreacting. Thought about buying an HTN adapter. Cheers.
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