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  1. May i know what is the difference between 8/19 and 16/32? Is the latter Bigger?
  2. Wow thanks this is really helpful with the photo. Yup I am looking at something like that.
  3. Noob here! Finally managed to assemble my Hypergonar 16 STOP (model 6) BUT, not knowing how big the entire setup was I took it out for a handheld shoot. At the end of the shoot above the setup almost fell apart at the M42 to NEX adapter (hence the distortions at parts of the video)! Would like to ask the masters here what would be a good rig for such a setup below: HCDNA>16STOP>REDSTAN>TAKING LENS>M42toNEX adapter>A7S2 Thanks!
  4. Hi folks, newbie here needs some advise. What is the best way to attach the 16S to the Hardcore DNA? It seems like it way too small to be clamped! Thanks!
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