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  1. I have a cheap Canon inkjet printer. It has a built-in scanner with a feeder. I never use it to print, just to scan. The ink is too costly and it's a cost I can't justify when I only rarely need to print in colour. Anything else I really have to print, gets printed on a cheap HP 1102w monochrome laser printer that I picked up on sale for $100.00. I go paperless whenever I can. If I have to print in colour, I take the job to Staples, where I can get it printed for less than it would cost to do on my inkjet printer.
  2. Well, this is the end result of Canon not making the cameras people want at prices they can afford. Canon's strategy has always been to market lenses with the idea of using cameras to try to lock people into their lens ecosystem, but the cameras are crippled in terms of capabilities in an effort to protect their upscale cameras and lenses - such as their Cinema EOS line, for example, if video is your thing. The problem with this kind of strategy is that you end up cutting off your nose to spite your face by jacking up the price of admission to certain capabilities to the point where only
  3. As a Canadian, I have to say you're right. It seems to be very much open season on white males here in Canada. The people who hate them so much do not seem to realize that most of the technology and built civilization they benefit from was invented, built and maintained by white males.
  4. The laws of physics generally militate against the use of really small form factors when it comes to capturing high bit-rate 4K video. The reason, of course, is that you need relatively large heat sinks and fans to get rid of all that heat.
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