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  1. "and is still about 8MP short on resolution" A 16 percent linear resolution increase is effectively nil. And pushing beyond 24mp at APSC will decrease your high ISO dynamic range - which is one stop less than D7500. It's all about tradeoffs Do you know why the d500 has a 2x crop? Because it reads the 3840 lines from it's center section, which eliminates aliasing and moire. Do you know what doesn't eliminate aliasing? Pixel binning 5568 into 3840 lines. Do you know what causes the a6300 to overheat? Downsampling 6000 lines to 3840. You cannot cheat maths and physics. Every
  2. The D5's low ISO dynamic range is obviously a trade-off for it's ability to maintain good dynamic range at very high ISOs. It's one of the very best on the market in that respect. Don't like it, don't buy it. As far as the D7500 is concerned, don't take Dx0marks scores for gospel. The larger pixel pitch of the D7500 gives it much better dynamic range from ISO 400 onwards than the SAMSUNG. Dx0mark's maths is massively biased towards high res sensors. And doesn't take into account DR at high ISOs. The sports score is also effectively meaningless as a result What's the difference between
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