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  1. Very honest article, anyone can relate to it. It's funny how people are still thinking about "pro" camcorders because for me it's pointless, how needs C100 like cameras? Are you guys doing TV shows? Why the heck bother with these non-sense that needs 3 persons to be operative where your little pana can do the job? I understand that most of us are enthusiasts ( and that's very profitable for our favorites brands ) but the future is creativity and not prettiness. I'm still rocking a G6 as a little money maker, everything can work as long as it doesn't slow you down.
  2. Thank you for your advise, the main problem is that I have a lot of mft lenses and vintage glass that can't go on that little 100d. We'll see how that goes Have fun with it ^^
  3. Hi, I'm considering switching from a panasonic G6 to this thing just to get that RAW recording as the G6 lacks flat profiles and higher bit-rate ( and a great colour science too ), does it have any sense? Superb article @Andrew Reid! So happy to see some affordable stuff!
  4. It's a bit newer, there's maybe a chance but I'm more confident in the next generation with GX8 and G7 because they already have some flat profiles stock.
  5. Hi, @ BTM_Pix, Thanks for the explanations, so I can restore to the standard profile with the restore command, but it doesn't respond to cine D tho. Is there any other profile that I can try? EDIT: I tried all three flavors of Vlog but it didn't worked, I think I'm forced to use the standards profiles
  6. I did, but the web page tells me that my body isn't supported when I do "Handshake", it returns "err_non_support", is there a way I can bypass this security? Also, "deploy" is saying "err_param" edit: connect is saying "ok" tho, and I can connect no problem, only that "handshake" and "deploy" doesn't work
  7. Hi everyone, I'm just wondering if it's possible that this kind of hack will ever work on a G6? I can't really change this camera and there's not a single flat profile on it. Thanks for answering me, Hugh
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