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  1. OliKMIA you pretty much described my gear journey to a "T". I started with the Canon HV20 and then later the Canon 7D because that's what my employer provided. When it came time to buy my own camera I got the Panny GH1. At the time mirrorless micro-four thirds cameras weren't taken very seriously. I'd show up to gigs with my adapted Voigtlander, Pentax, and Sigma glass and get mocked because I didn't have a 5DMKII + Canon EF 70‑200mm f/2.8L. Apparently I couldn't be a "real" filmmaker or photographer unless I had red lining on my lenses and a hefty battery grip. I contemplated going with Canon if only to secure steady work as the bias for them runs deep in our industry. Then, the Driftwood hack happened and in the words of the Canadian studio poet Drake "Nothing was the same." As the years went by it became more and more clear that DSLR video wasn't a top priority for Canon. Their increasing price points coupled with lackluster features kept me from jumping on the brand-wagon. I've seen less and less postings on gig boards specifically requesting Canon gear and more being open to overall camera capabilities. Now years later I'm ready to buy my first true pro-cine camera. The Panny EVA , Sony FS7, and BM Ursa Mini Pro make up my shortlist. It's not that Canon C series cameras don't provide adequate results but rather that my trust in Canon as a brand is a bit tarnished. Partly because of how Canon die-hards treated me early on, and partly because of how little I've seen them innovate versus their competitors.
  2. Wait... did he record the video file to the phone's SD card or to the camera's SD card?
  3. Do you think this "hack" could be used to downgrade the GH4 back to say 2.3 to allow for the V-LOG hack?
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