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  1. I have the FW279S, got it on a lightning deal for around 280 euro.

    It does the job and is very bright so no need for a hood, but it feels cheap and i'm not too keen on the menu system/OSD.

    If i was buying again i'd spend more and go for the Aputure VS-5X. Although its more expensive it does have built-in scopes and a cross converter.

  2. 4 hours ago, kye said:

    Unfortunately you can't currently do this (or I haven't worked out how yet!) because you can't have stabilisation occurring in more than one node in series - at least the last time I checked each node you try and stabilise does its analysis on the unprocessed file, sort of ignoring the previous nodes that should already have been applied.


    I don't think the stabilisation is tied to any node in particular but rather just to the clip itself.

  3. Of course the situation is ridiculous, nobody should be fired for some crass jokes they made a decade ago, but so far as i'm aware it was the radical left who instigated this ridiculous culture of trial by social media and now the right are using their own weapons against them.

    As sorry as I feel for Gunn as an individual case, like far too many top-tier Hollywood types he comes across as incredibly opinionated and pompous on social media. Generally speaking these types should probably learn to tone it down a bit with the pontificating to us mere mortals and pushing their half-baked ideological agendas when they have skeletons in their own closets.

  4. 10 hours ago, Fritz Pierre said:

    Perhaps if you read the instructions on how to install the Vlog code on your GH4/5 it will clear up for you how the whole process works

    i know the process for inputting the code, however this does not mean that they couldn't have allocated certain codes for specific regions

  5. 8 minutes ago, Orangenz said:

    There is only one code for the GH4/GH5 and it is regionless - can use from anywhere.

    ok thanks for the help, i was just a bit thrown as once i googled this, the first link that popped up was a copy for sale on b&h with the text:

    "This upgrade code is also region specific and is designed to work with cameras distributed in the USA."

    Thanks again.

  6. Does anyone know whether I need to buy the code from the same region in which the camera comes from? I had heard that it is region specific but would like to know for sure. I asked Panasonic and they told me they were passing on the request but that was a while ago now.

    My camera is from Oceania region.


  7. i wonder is it possible to record raw video in anamorphic mode on the 5DIII, and I assume there is a desqueeze built in? Also I am a bit confused as to what the dynamic range is in raw mode. I have looked through their forums but I get lost easily on there

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