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  1. Hello fellow Pro Color shooters, I am new to this forum and came across al those posts when I was looking for omething specific about the Pro Color settings for the Sony FS5. I wanted to see, if there are people out there shooting with a custom version based on Slog2/3 and suddenly read that there are actually settings for a slog version of Pro Color that came with earlier documentations. In my pdf file there is no such setting so I hope someone could send me those settings (screenshot or the file maybe) so I can try them out. I suppose since I bought the license that I am allowed to see them. To prove that I own a license, I attached a small screenshot of part of the confirmation email that you should be able to recognize if you bought the license. I tried contacting Andrew, but I he might be busy rigth now and I am waiting for a reply. I am leaving for a short trip tomorrow and hope that I could try those settings there before I could take them to a shoot. I hope somebody can help me out! Thanks Any other FS5 owners here that can share some insights and experiences? Cheers, Tobi
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