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  1. Hans, thanks for the suggestion. I contacted Raf and we are working on a solution. I'll post some pics when I have the adapter.
  2. Tito, Thanks for taking the time to respond and the suggestion. Unfortunately, the clamp on the Zeiss accommodates exactly 95mm in diameter and no larger so it won't take the slightly wider opposite end of a filter such as you suggested because of the larger outside diameter ( 98mm I think). I was hoping to find a filter or adapter that has 95mm filter threads on both sides so i could screw in one end to the Iscorama and then clamp the opposite end into the Zeiss. I've yet to located something along those lines. I am going to stop by some local machine shops and see if they can fabricate a piece to fit this need. I'll post some pics if I get such an adapter.
  3. Hi guys, I have a Zeiss DigiDiopter that I want to use with an Iscorama 54. The problem is that the Zeiss has no threads and instead clamps onto a 95mm lens barrel. Unfortunately, the barrel of the Iscorama 54 is larger than 95mm, perhaps 100mm or so, which prevents the Zeiss from fitting onto the Iscorama. Is there a clamp or adapter that the zeiss can clamp onto which has male 95mm threads that can then screw into the barrel of the Iscorama? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks,
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