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  1. Hey, i was wondering if anyone else has had trouble with the wifi connection to a windows pc? even when i manage to connect, sending pictures results in a connection failure every time
  2. oh, i'm well aware of that. Tarkovksi had a completely different vision of narration, " sculpting in time" really is the best way to describe it. However, when it comes to editing to obtain a finished product, he was just as ... meticulous and obsessive if one can put it that way, as Eisenstein. In one of his interviews when talking about The Mirror, he said that he spent a huge amount of time in the studio, assembling the film by "moving around" the pieces, completely changing the order of the events and sequences. He said they did like 10 different versions, and it was never right, something to do with trying to follow a rythm or logic, i dont quite remember. And then he decided to just, go with the flow. He reassembled all the pieces again and the movie "just happened". So, yes, he did have a much more... organic? i guess approach to the actual shooting and composition of the shots, but when it came to the assembly and creating this permeating theme and feeling throughout the movie, it still came down to montage. Either way, this is a discussion/debate in and by itself, and i wouldn't pretend to be right or to fully comprehend everything these giants said and wrote about their art. unfortunately, it's over. it was at bhphoto. however, if you are in the US, and want to benefit from the USD to CAD conversion rate, i found a frame-only GX85 for 799 cad, which is about 590 usd https://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA4C350R3371&cm_re=gx85-_-9SIA4C350R3371-_-Product just be aware that newegg.ca and .com are 2 different sites and do not have the same stock/prices EDIT: on second thought, i dont think newegg.ca ships to the us. sorry.
  3. wow i see i sparked quite a debate! hehe i want to thank everyone for their input. i decided to go with the GX85. for one, Yes, IBIS was the main selling point. i want to shoot up close, in movement. two, it was on sale for 697 usd. three, judging from what i've been reading here and elsewhere, no matter what camera i could get in this price range, it will be a better investement long term than the camcorder. the other thing is, i have a classmate who runs a small video clip production company, i'll go assist him on his projects this summer, he'll be able to teach me a lot of things. someone was worried that i'll end up another guy who does press & shoot... look, i'm a screenwriter. my priority is the story. I'm fascinated by the theories of Tarkovski, Eisenstein. Eisenstein revolutionized montage at a time where movies didn't even have sound. I tend to agree with him and Tarkovski. the real magic happens at the montage. I want to learn how to stage what i have in my head. Practice writing tthat will make sense when it's being filmed. Practice putting together shots to get the dramatic effect i envisioned. do i want to be a Super Mega Pro and shoot jaw-dropping video? sure it would be nice. but to get there, i have to practice a lot. and the investment of time spent on acquiring technique is justified, to me at least, only by having things worth shooting properly. I'll learn what i can in the process, and if i end up feeling like i could learn more/do more with more sophisticated/specialized equipment, well i'll cross that bridge when i get to it. i got the camera with its kit lens, and following the advice i read here and on some other review sites, i'll get a prime lens as my second lens once i get a bit more cash. thank you for all your help! i hope i'll be able to get as much advice in the future as well, once my camera arrives and i start experimenting with it.
  4. Hello everyone! First of all, I am a complete neophyte when it comes to video/photography. I've owned a 40$ point and shoot digital camera about ten years ago, and a one-time use kodak. Now with that out of the way, i come to you seeking advice. I'm a beginner screenwriter who wants to shoot short movies and eventually make a web-series. I was seduced by the idea of a camcorder, as it requires no knowledge and can shoot HD/4k on a budget. Well, after a lot of research, it turns out most of them are utter garbage. I ended up looking at a Sony AX53, because it offers the best stabilization around and decent low-light performance for a camcorder. Decent being actually poor, compared to even an inexpensive DSLR setup. I was quite put down by my findings, as it turns out that i'd need to dish out over 1000$ canadian to ensure to get consistent footage, which is going over my budget. understand that i'm not opposed to learning about photography - i just wasn't expecting i'd have to right away. i was hoping to be able to shoot out of the box. this, and the form factor, is the reason i was purposely not looking into still picture cameras. i ended up here because of a review where a person ended up getting the GX85 instead of said sony camcorder, so i started looking into mirrorless cameras, and with the specs and stabilization on this thing, i'm thinking this could be a much better investment. So here's the question. Considering that the Sony AX53 is about 1000 USD and that i could get a GX85 frame only for 600, what would be the best lens i could get for it to start off my journey? or should i stick with kit lens and start saving for when i'll know what i'm doing and have more specific needs? and overall, do you guys think i'd be making a good choice by going with the G85? thanks in advance, VLad
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