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  1. just heads up, my NX1 shutter curtain just failed, this is also called the first curtain or mechanical curtain, you'll get Error 01 or Error 101, the camera will turn on then off, you'll hear some noise inside. when you take  off the lense you can't see the sensor it'll be the shutter curtain stuck open.

    The solution for me was to use my thumb and carefully close down the shutter curtain to reveal the sensor, I then went to the main menu and disabled it by chosing E-Shutter only.  The repair would have to be a new shutter curtain replaced however there are no parts anywhere. 

    I advise everyone to only use E-shutter, this way to reduce fatigue on the mechanical shutter. lucky for me I only use the camera for video, therefore I can never take pictures again the camera would just freeze. 


  2. (its me ) Thanks Matthew, settings pretty much same however it's probably because this time it's exported in 1440p rather than 1080p so it could be that. 

    I'm also soon getting the BMD because clients keep asking for slow motion ..but I'll still keep the NX1 for pretty much all moving shots that require a gimball so all static shots can be done with BMD because you know how much it'll cost extra to have the BMD move...I think it's a good compromise.  

    PS: there is a trick I use now for smooth slowmo with 4k which is not bad for quick shots, I tried it and it's making me question now if I really need BMD for 4k 60P!!! 


  3. 17 hours ago, omega1978 said:

    not the only one :) NX1 mixed with A7S and Phantom 4 Pro

    Great ^^ nice vid, plus you didnt get the snow overexposed because it's hard to do that sometimes, now I'm starting to realise how poor high framerates is at 1080p and wish there's a hack for 4k 50FPS or even 1440p

  4. I now have an account so you can see my name instead of the arabic one, here's my latest NX1 Music Video, this one shows how it performs at night with only 1 light hitting the subject. (the part at the concert isn't NX1) all shot 4k then downconverted 1440p


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