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  1. Includes: GH5 body with V Log L preinstalled OEM battery, Charger, Strap, 4x Wasabi batteries, Waraxe cage The body has a few scuffs on the top. It was in my camera bag next to my gimbal and the metal on metal shuffling around caused the scuffs. They aren’t deep and do not affect the functionality of the camera, but be aware of this condition. Asking $1700 OBO + shipping (US) photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/kVfthqYuKJvMwUTx2
  2. @Sage I'll have to try that out in the coming weeks! And your adjustments really tighten the grade there. Thanks!
  3. Been trying out this conversion for the past few of days. I've only had the GH5 for a few months but I really am enjoying the color response and the highlight rolloff of this profile. I used the LogC conversion LUT, LogC to Rec709 and some temperature adjustments on this one. I've got the original V-Log to LogC frame below. I have not had the pleasure of using an Alexa but your conversion gives the GH5 a better starting point for grading in my opinion. Great work!
  4. I recently purchased the a6500 around Christmas time and as others have said on this thread the image quality coming out of this camera is to me is unreal. Granted, I've only had the Panasonic G7 before hand; I haven't had the experience of shooting with cinema bodies. But below are some still frames from a wedding I shot this past weekend.
  5. I have a Metabones Speedbooster S EF to MFT adapter for sale. I have it listed on eBay currently but if the listing expires you can contact me directly. I used it pretty extensively with my G7 over the past 6 months for interviews and weddings. It's in excellent condition; like new. Here's the listing link Look at this on eBay http://www.ebay.com/itm/232212442385
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