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  1. I have a question about the mention of the Sony data rates. You point out the normal 120p HD recordings are at 100mbps, whereas S&Q 120p is at 60mbps, and you say therefore the normal recordings are better because they are at the higher bitrate. However, because the S&Q conforms the recording to 24fps in-camera, doesn't that mean that the 60mbps is on the conformed 24fps (which works out at 2.5mb per frame, as opposed to 1.2mb per frame for the normal recording) , or is the compression performed before the conforming? I'd be grateful if you could confirm. Thanks!
  2. So is that 400mbps ALL-I H264 for 4k 50/60p, or for 4k 25/30p? Because I think the 1DXii is 800mbps for 4K 50/60p and 500mbps for 4K 25/30p. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  3. I wondered what others thought of combining EOS-HD C-Log with Highlight Tone Priority (D+) on the 1DX Mark ii? I have been testing it in very low light (with highlights in the scene) and the Highlight Tone Priority (D+) recovers a considerable amount in the highlights, that are overexposed with the D+ turned off. There is a little more noise in the shadows, but not a huge amount.
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