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  1. Shoot Arri, get more jobs, sell more productions, boost your rates. Simple.
  2. Meanwhile, in Sony world, we've long since discovered much the same about our cameras. The a6xxx series was thermal limited for the longest time by a lack of any heat dissipation. Once we "hacked" away the artificial time limit with the help of the OpenMemories-Tweak project [https://github.com/ma1co/OpenMemories-Tweak], we found that the bionz processing chips were sitting bare in the cameras, with not even a thermal pad to help matters. A bit of thermal paste and two copper plates made quick work of that. Now the a6000 and its older brothers are great little cmaeras with no heat issues in almost any temperature condition. Of course on their higher end models Sony claims to have solved this, but I'm happy with my older stuff
  3. Andrew, I can't speak to the forum censorship section of the article, but I'd like to touch on the alleged bias of dpreview.com's articles. 6D MII In the third paragraph of your article (http://www.eoshd.com/2017/06/dpreview-moan-sony-a9-banding-7700hz-led-ad-boards/) you write, "I’ve yet to see anyone come back from one of these exotic trips kicking a camera for lacking 4K." However, in the very same DPReview article which you reference regarding the 6D MII (dpreview.com/articles/8979194861/the-same-but-different-canon-eos-6d-mark-ii-shooting-experience) Barney Britton writes, "The 6D Mark II isn't the low-cost 4K B-camera you might have been hoping for [...] It's a shame though, because an affordable 4K-capable camera with Dual Pixel AF really would be a wonderful thing. Maybe one day..." 7700hz Regarding the 7700hz banding with the a9, you had stated that "this article [https://www.dpreview.com/articles/7370859353/sony-a9-banding-reported-by-fro-fact-or-fiction] makes a huge fuss about banding on the A9". From what I read in the article, the writer, Rishi Sanyal, was investigating a reported banding issue, did a fair analysis, and came to the conclusion that it had limited scope and effect on most photos taken on the a9 during sports shooting. "The 2% banding rate in sideline action [...] may be something to add to your 'cons' list when considering this camera" If anything, Mr. Sanyal seems to be praising the a9's performance, writing that "even a mechanical focal plane shutter will experience some kind of banding with a light source cycling 7700 times a second", further noting that the only visual difference being that a mechanical shutter "would yield smoother bands". Perhaps your past with DPReview is leading you to gloss over these points, or maybe there's something I'm not seeing. Either way, I'd like to know what you think about all this ? -Damodara
  4. Ah, but you see, you've missed the lurking variable. Sony isn't replacing their previous cameras with newer models. They're selling them all concurrently! Sony's strategy is to provide accessible price points for those who need to spend as little as possible (that's me right now ?) and higher price points for those who are willing and able to pay for extra features. Just take a look at Sony's website. Every camera on that list is still in production and available for purchase from Sony authorized retailers. www.sony.com/ilc www.sony.com/electronics/compact-cameras
  5. Please explain why it's somehow a point of pride to say "I stopped reading when". Choosing to hear only what you like to hear is a sign of ignorance! "I stopped reading when" means that you were unwilling to give a writer the benefit of doubt. Do you stop reading a novel 75% of the way and then say that it had a terrible ending? Same logic applies here.
  6. This article by Forbes contributor Avi Dan (regarding the demise of Kodak) rings true for me. https://goo.gl/pU8MMC "Companies have to adapt to the requirements of the market, even if that means competing with themselves." "Marketing is tasked with keeping the company relevant to their customers’ needs."
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