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  1. DPreview just deleted my post. I linked to this article this morning. It got several quick replies. Most negative, saying that Eoshd was not legitimate, people liked the camera and did not care about video, etc. Nobody said, let's test more and see what the real truth is about the overheating. I just checked and now the post gone and all the replies. I guess censorship is alive. People should be able to buy any camera they want, but also be able to see all the reviews, opinions, tests, etc. to see if the camera is right for them. Perhaps dpreview is worried negative press will hurt their advertising from Canon and affiliate sales, etc.
  2. It is all about censorship and control. I am in the US. It is definitely happening here. Some companies are banned from Youtube, Twitter, etc. The terms of use, by these companies are very vague. They define what they mean, but don't have to tell us. They just send an email. You broke the rules. We've banned you. Hateful speech, nudity, unpopular views, copyright, right of privacy. Now in Europe, they are adding the treat of lawsuits from the public, advertisers, property owners. Of course the result will be that the government has the right to view, censor and stop any content that they don't like. As a small business owner, I am scared of lawsuits. I have friends who have gone out of business because of nuisance lawsuits. Even if you are right and win (years later), the costs of attorneys, time spent and the worry can drive you out of business.
  3. It's not just the cameras people use, but now how people watch videos and what the content is. Instead of beautifully produced movies with professional lighting, many people are happy with cat videos on Youtube. I have a friend who watches a lot of videos on a Samsung phone. He says he does not miss a big TV in his living room. Look at MTV and music videos. Professionals argue about stabilization, proper skin tones, etc. but music videos are often full of shaky footage, amateur special effects, weird colors etc. Made by amateurs or often professionals creating video that looks like an amateur took it. I am mostly a still photographer, but working on getting into video production. It's becoming more common for my clients to ask if I will use a filter (like Instagram) on the pictures to give them some "character". Sometimes they tell me that the pictures are too sharp and I can download an app to soften them, etc. And occasionally clients think they can create their own videos and still pictures. I was creating catalog pictures for a fashion accessory company. They kept telling me that my rates were too high. Finally, the owner said one his employees would take some pictures and see how they came out. He just got a new iPhone. Although I can see a big difference in quality, the owner of the company either cannot or it is more important to him to save money. A new era is coming and perhaps only high end clients will be demanding top quality work. Some others will be hiring a kid with a phone or just creating their own videos and pictures.
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